GESAMP Experts

GESAMP Experts

About the GESAMP Experts

The primary mechanism for participation in GESAMP will be its Pool of Experts, from which members of GESAMP and its Working Groups will be recruited. Pool experts who are not current members of GESAMP or its Working Groups will have opportunities to participate by providing peer reviews, bringing new and emerging issues to GESAMP's attention, and commenting upon draft GESAMP Statements. Pool experts may also be invited to serve on ad hoc task teams.

The Executive Committee will establish and maintain the pool as a database of expertise. Nominations to the pool are made by the sponsoring and other UN organizations, their Member States, regional organizations, international scientific bodies and non-governmental organizations, the GESAMP Executive Committee and sitting GESAMP Members. The Executive Committee and Working Group Chairs screen the nominees’ CVs and enter prospective experts into the Pool of Experts database. The Executive Committee and Working Group Chairs then select experts for various tasks or to serve as GESAMP Members.

Self-nominations are also accepted from individuals who feel they are sufficiently well-qualified to serve as an expert in the pool (See instructions below). The five necessary criteria for entry into the pool are:

1. Postgraduate degree or equivalent experience in one or more of the following relevant disciplines:

  • Marine chemistry/geochemistry
  • Marine geology
  • Biological oceanography
  • Marine biology/ ecology
  • Physical oceanography
  • Marine pollution
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Risk assessment and communication
  • Air-sea interactions/atmospheric science
  • Coastal geomorphology
  • Coastal/offshore engineering
  • Coastal management
  • Waste management
  • Environmental impact assessment and monitoring
  • Environmental/resource economics, including ecosystem valuation
  • Fisheries/aquaculture
  • Marine regulatory/institutional policy
  • International environmental law/law of the sea
  • Public health

2. Present activity in field of expertise
3. Willingness to declare any conflicts of interest
4. Ability to serve in an independent, individual capacity
5. Willingness to serve on a voluntary basis

Pool experts selected by GESAMP to carry out tasks are briefed on GESAMP's background and operations, receive electronic copies of GESAMP products, and are regularly updated on current GESAMP activities via an electronic mailing list and dedicated area of the GESAMP web site. The participation of pool experts in GESAMP's work actively engages a large number of scientists from Governments, non-governmental organizations, and industry, which enhances GESAMP's interactions with these groups. Information about pool experts is managed in a database, with data fields describing personal information (including nationality and gender), areas of expertise, qualifications and experience, employment sector (academia, Government, NGO, private sector), and nominating organization. The database also includes information relevant to participation in GESAMP activities, such as interest in participating in different capacities (i.e., GESAMP member, Working Group member, pool expert only), past participation in GESAMP and its Working Groups, and an acceptable level of pro bono contribution. The database is regularly updated by the Executive Committee to keep information current and remove experts who are no longer interested in participating.

Self Nomination

Qualified persons interested in nominating themselves for consideration for inclusion in the Expert Pool must first Register as a User, to the above right. After registering, they can then click on Add/Edit Pool Expert & Registration and complete the Pool Expert registration process by filling in the form and submitting it.