GESAMP produces a number of reports and documents annually, both for general diffusion and for internal GESAMP use within the Executive Committee, GESAMP Members, Working Group members and its Pool of Experts.

The GESAMP Reports and Studies series has been the primary formal output of GESAMP since 1975. These include reports of GESAMP sessions and in-depth scientific studies and assessments of a wide range of topics related to marine environmental protection. The latter are prepared by Working Groups, externally peer-reviewed, and formally approved by GESAMP. Often GESAMP Reports and Studies or papers based on them are also published in the open scientific literature under the personal names of the authors, but with their GESAMP origin identified.

In the New GESAMP, it is envisioned to periodically publish consensus statements on issues regarding the degradation of the marine environment. Regular GESAMP Statements on New and Emerging Issues will be produced through a small, standing Working Group of GESAMP members led by the Chair of GESAMP. Prompt advice in response to significant events involving risks to human health and marine ecosystems will be delivered in these GESAMP Statements prepared by ad hoc task teams.

A new feature is the Reports to GESAMP which will summarize the results and recommendations of task teams or correspondence groups convened to investigate an issue of interest and to ascertain its current status and/or scope for potential work for GESAMP. Such reports provide valuable background information on marine environmental issues, but in the past have been published solely as Annexes to reports of GESAMP sessions. In the future these reports will be published electronically to ensure wider diffusion to Governments, Sponsoring Organizations, and the scientific community. GESAMP will also produce outputs tailored to the special requirements of particular users, projects, or programmes. These are considered as user- and project-specific outputs, one example being the chemical hazard evaluations produced by the standing Working Group on the Evaluation of the Hazards of Harmful Substances Carried by Ships.

GESAMP publications are available free of charge from this website.