Mission and Methods

Mission and Methods

Its mission

To provide authoritative, independent, interdisciplinary scientific advice to organizations and governments to support the protection and sustainable use of the marine environment.

Its tasks

To fullfil its mission, and as part of its Work Programme GESAMP will upon request:

  • Integrate and synthesize the results of regional and thematic assessments and scientific studies to support global assessments of the marine environment
  • Provide scientific and technical guidance on the design and execution of marine environmental assessments
  • Provide scientific reviews, analyses, and advice on specific topics relevant to the condition of the marine environment, its investigation, protection, and/or management.

In addition GESAMP will regularly:

  • Provide an overview of the marine environmental monitoring, assessment, and related activities of UN agencies and advise on how these activities might be improved and better integrated and coordinated
  • Identify new and emerging issues regarding the degradation of the marine environment that are of relevance to Governments and Sponsoring Organizations.