New Chair of GESAMP

The GESAMP in its 46th session elected unanimously David Vousden as its new Chair and Tracy Shimmield and Manmohan Sarin as its Co-Vice-Chairs

David Vousden has been elected as the new Chair of GESAMP.

Professor Vousden has a career spanning some 32 years during which he has worked in various governmental and United Nations positions, all related to environmental management. During this period, his career has evolved through the development and ‘field-proving’ of state-of-the-art monitoring and analysis, into broader yet still cutting-edge management techniques and thence to innovative adaptive management and governance mechanisms, particularly for global oceans and coasts. He has provided expert advice and professional evaluation services to marine ecosystem management and ocean governance initiatives in every global ocean and many of the world’s seas. He has also been intimately involved in the development and teaching of a number of courses related to ocean governance and marine ecosystem management over the last 20 years and at many level from undergraduate through Masters and Doctorates to senior level management courses.

Dr. Shimmield the new Co-Vice Chair is Director of the Lyell Centre. A marine geochemist with over 30 years' experience in environmental geochemistry she is also the GESAMP Chair of Working Group on the impacts of wastes and other matter in the marine environment from mining operations including marine mineral mining.

Professor Sarin is associated with the Geosciences Division at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India. He is a recipient of J C Bose Fellowship from the Department of Science & Technology (India) and Mary Sears Award from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA). He has been a Member of American Geophysical Union, European Geophysical Union, American Chemical Society and European Association of Geochemistry. He has served as Programme Director for ISRO-Geosphere Biosphere Project on Atmospheric Dust; Principal Investigator of JGOFS and LOCIZ (India) Programmes. He also served as Member of International Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (CACGP); Adjunct Faculty at Center of Earth, Ocean and Environment, University of Delaware (USA); Visiting Professor at Ocean Research Institute, Tokyo University (Japan) and SCOR Working Group 116 on “Sediment trap and Th-234 methods for carbon export flux determination”. Currently, he is Vice-Chairman of GESAMP and Member of Working Group 38 on “Atmospheric input of chemicals to the ocean”.