Mercury and its compounds

Mercury and its compounds

Lead agency: United Nations Environment Programme

Working Group 37: Mercury and Its Compounds

WG 37 was established in 2007 to perform an expanded scientific review of mercury and its compounds and threats to the marine environment, under the lead of UNIDO, and later UNEP.

The preliminary report of WG 37 was entitled “Mercury in the Aquatic Environment: Sources, Releases, Transport and Monitoring”, completed in 2011 and submitted to UNEP. The report of the WG was not published on its own in the GESAMP Reports and Studies series, however, in 2013 UNEP published the “Global Mercury Assessment: Sources, Emissions, Releases and Environmental Transport (GMA)”, with valuable contributions from the WG 37 report.

In lieu of the full report, an executive summary of the WG contribution to the 2013 GMA has been published as Report No. 86 in the GESAMP Reports and Studies series.

The full report of the 2013 GMA can be downloaded here:

Global Mercury Assessment 2013

GESAMP would like to thank all those who over the years contributed to the work of WG 37.